The Colonies 2020 - We're back! again...

Welcome to The Colonies!

The Colonies is an online, text based, multiplayer game and community. It is also a “tick” based game, and the best way to describe ourselves to gamers that are not knowledgeable about our genre of game is to say we are a combination of a strategy game like Master of Orion 2 and a text based game. When you login you will have a control panel with various screens letting you do numerous things. You need to research and construct technologies in order to build space units and warriors to defend and attack both your colony and other players.

The main objective of the game is to have the highest score at the end of each round. In between the beginning and end of the round there will be a number of sub objectives for you to complete, such as completing research and construction, building a big fleet, attacking other players, and also stealing as many mines as you can. There are many strategies for achieving this goal but we suggest you get some friends to play too so you can help each other out, or join one of the existing alliances or start your own!



Recent Updates

The Colonies is back


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Round 7 – Colonization


Galaxiur has been under development for the past weeks and months to bring something new into browser games. We’ve made tons of changes to the core game mechanics wile still.. read more

Colonization beta!


Galaxiur beta has now been reset and the newest code has been put in place. Read all about the changes for the upcoming round and join us for an exciting.. read more