The Colonies 2020 - We're back! again...

Beginners Guide – Units.

Buildings units in Galaxiur is your main way to gain score. Ships require pilots and ground-units require soldiers to be made but monitor your population while ordering new units. It’s highly recommended to split up your order over several ticks so that your population has time to recover. In example you should order 100 vikings every third tick instead of ordering 1000 at once. This is especially true in the beginning when your population hasn’t had time to grow.

As mentioned before, ore and fuel miners are your main source of income. They become increasing expensive and at some point it’s better to go out and steal them from other players! You need to build Carry-Alls to steal miners from other players. Do note that these ships don’t fire themselves and need an escorting fleet to take care of the opponents defence. You can also steal credits with raiders and colonists with under cover agents.

To launch an successful attack, you should scan your target to know what you are up against! The infiltrations screen allows you to send probes to other colonies to gather information. The more beacons you have, the more accurate the information your receive. You can also boost the accuracy of the information gathered by sending more probes, but this can become really expensive expensive. To counter these infiltrations, you can research and build the security nexus. The security nexus allows you to build grids which counter these probes and your colony is a little bit safer in the universe.

Always scan your targets first! Use the battle calculator to know what the outcome might look like. Attacking alone can be hard and it’s recommended to find and alliance to work with.

Remember these rules:

  • Lowest initiative ships shoot before the ones with a higher initiate.
  • Ships always target T1 targets first, if there are none left, they will move on to their T2 targets.
  • Bigger ships move slower than the smaller ones. Make note of the ETA column!
  • Some ships only stun (EMP) and others are cloaked and won’t show up in scans.
  • Ground troops need to be carried to other planets, but they can move between colonies in your home world.