The Colonies 2020 - We're back! again...


  • Is this game free?

Yes it is! There are no pay-to-win elements, you couldn’t even pay for anything if you wanted! You can donate of course but you wouldn’t get any advantage in the game for it.

  • I don’t see my group members on my planet?

When you create an account before the round starts, you will be placed on a random planet with open slots. If you created a group, and your friends have used this code then groups will be moved together before the round starts. Once the round has started, you won’t be able to join the group.

  • I’m going to a vacation. Can i put my planet on vacation mode?

Yes you can, sometime we can’t play the game so we have this feature for you. Log-in to your colony and enable vacation mode on the settings page. Note! You can’t enter vacation mode if you are under attack.

  • I ended up on an inactive planet, can you help me?

If you want to change the planet, use “Self Exile” in your settings page. Exiling yourself will select another random planet for you that has free space on it.